When you’ve found the right person to fill an opening in your company, it’s time to make a salary offer and talk about benefits. But, if your payroll is just a handful of people, be careful what you promise. Are you going out on a limb telling the new hire you’ll provide health care?

In the smallest companies, say fewer than 5 people, some insurance programs reserve the right to refuse your new employee, depending on medical history. If you make a job offer that includes health coverage, and the employee is declined, does that leave your company liable for future medical expenses?

While you don’t have to be a benefits expert to manage your group plan successfully, it makes sense to have a current understanding of how key parts of the program work, including the enrollment of new hires.

Under the Chambers Plan…

  • New employees are eligible for guaranteed coverage of certain benefit options in firms with three or more employees.
  • Firms with five or more people can choose a broader range of benefits that guarantee coverage to all employees.
  • One and two person firms need medical approval of the individual(s) before coverage can start, but those details are most commonly covered when the group decides to start a benefit program.

Also consider having a new employee complete the group benefit plan application as part of your signup procedure so that after a typical three month trial period they won’t be considered a Late Entrant into your benefit plan and run the risk of being refused coverage by the insurance company. The insurance company will automatically start their benefits after three months unless otherwise notified by the employer.

Whatever your situation, be aware of the rules for adding a new employee to your benefit plan – and look for a benefit program that provides a high level of guarantees, like the Chambers Plan. That will help you avoid any bumps in the road to bringing a new person on board in your small company.

Chambers across Canada band together under the not-for-profit Chamber Insurance Corporation of Canada to bring you buying power you just can’t get on your own. Thanks to this plan, you have tremendous access to the kind of group benefits traditionally reserved for the largest companies, including:

  • many drug and dental options
  • accident & illness income replacement
  • critical illness coverage
  • employee assistance counseling programs
  • Best Doctors

Over 26,000 member firms across Canada participate in the Chambers Plan, the leading program of its kind. Only Chamber members can participate and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re a 1 person firm or have 50 employees.

You’ll get competitive prices today, the flexibility to build a custom program for your company, and guaranteed renewable coverage for the years ahead.

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