Chamber Plan

Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

  • The National Chamber of Commerce benefit plan was established in 1970 to help businesses attract and retain good employees. Currently, the plan has over 30,000 firms across Canada. It is only available to Chamber of Commerce members.
  • Kathy and I are the exclusive agents for the plan in the Grey Bruce area including parts of North Wellington and North Huron.
  • For all most 50 years the Chamber’s Plan has evolved to meet the needs of businesses, be it a home based business, including farming, it has attained the recognition as Canada’s #1 plan for the small business market.
  • So what makes the Chambers Plan Canada’s #1 plan and why are many other companies trying to copy this plan:
  1. Scope of Coverage: The plan offers life insurance, Short Term and Long Term Disability, Dependent Life Insurance, a large number of Health and Dental options to suit every budget and need, Critical Illness insurance and an Employee Assistance Program. Discounts apply based upon the number of employees in the firm.
  2. Flexibility: No set program structure, no “off–the–shelf” GOLD SILVER OR BRONZE plans and the pricing is not based upon the age of the Employees!
  3. No Minimum Firm Size: – available to firms from 1 – 100 ie. Just the Owner or extend to the Employees
  4. No Industry Restrictions: All businesses are eligible to participate in the Chambers Plan as long as they are members of a participating Chamber or Board of Trade.
  5. Guaranteed Approval: As we get older, some of us have to deal with medical Issues which may prevent us from getting any kind of benefit coverage. With three or more full or part time people, you can choose options that guarantee coverage to you and your employees without medical evidence! A part-time person is 20 hours per week or more.
  6. Guaranteed Renewable: The Chambers Plan guarantees your firm can renew coverage as long as you pay your premium each month. Currently the plan goes to age 80.
  7. Not-For-Profit: The Chambers Plan is run by Chamber people, for Chamber people. More $$’s paid in claims.
  8. Rate Stability: Higher than usual claims one year? You won’t be singled out for a price increase. Claims are averaged over the participating companies. No More 10% 20% OR 50% increases as in a traditional for profit plan.
  9. Outstanding Service: If for some reason I am not available to answer your question, you have a 1-800 number to call where you get a live person who takes ownership of your call and answers your question without getting caught in an automated system.
  10. Administer Your Plan Online: You have the option of using, a secure weblink for administrators. It gives you online information and services to help you manage your benefit plan and your time.
  11. Fast, Accurate Payments: Most health and dental claims turn around under 24 hours. You can also opt for pharmacy card and electronic dental claim submission, and even claim payments deposited directly to employee bank accounts.
  12. A Few Distinct Benefits Under the Chamber Plan: Best Doctors- included at no charge,, Medical Travel Benefit- Provides $750 per person for two re: hotels and gas costs, if traveling more than 300 Klms round trip for treatment, Travel Insurance- up to 180 days per trip, no pre-existing condition clause, No waiting period for benefits to start.

I find the easiest method of getting some specific information on a plan for your business is to call our office. The plan is very flexible and I can usually provide a solution to your specific needs. If for some reason the Chamber Plan does not fit your needs, I am also an insurance broker and can therefore offer you various plan comparisons.